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Laser gum surgery/therapy is a modern solution in which light energy is used to enhance your smile as well as your oral health. It is a modern surgery procedure that helps kill bacteria and ensures bone formation around your existing teeth. With laser dentistry, it is possible to treat gum disease, hypersensitivity, and tooth decay. It can even modify gum tissue to minimize a “gummy” smile.

How Laser Gum Therapy Works?

At Newark Family Dental, we leverage laser technology to locate and destroy the affected gum tissue throughout the root of your mouth. We remove the damaged tissue and expose its root before starting the root scaling process.

This also includes the elimination of plaque and the tartar that may accumulate around your tooth root and below your gum line. After that, smoothening of the root is done to minimize any rough sections that can cause germs and attract more infection. Root and gum regeneration can be done during the recovery process.

Make sure it takes time to heal your mouth after laser therapy. At the time of the healing period, your gums should be free of infection and be capable of adding strength or tightness around your tooth. You must remember that not all dentists use laser technology or therapy. Therefore, you can understand that we have comprehensive knowledge and proper technique to use different wavelenghts accurately.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

  • Limited anaesthesia is used or Eliminate the need for anaesthesia
  • Reduces swelling and patient anxiety
  • Enables dentists to set wavelengths and power levels to fulfill the unique needs of the patient
  • Quickly stops gum bleeding
  • Repair bone and ligaments
  • Lowers the risk of a bacterial infection

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Newark Family Dental is specialized in addressing all kinds of gum diseases and uses unique technology for laser therapy. We aim to leave visible changes to your smile and bring confidence to your life. If you need assistance to improve your gum health, you can schedule an appointment with our reputed dentists in Newark CA and acquire the best treatment at our office.