Dentures in Newark, CA - Replace Missing Teeth

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Dentures are removable appliances or tooth prosthesis that are designed to function and look like your natural teeth. Based on the patient’s case the dentist can suggest either partial or full dentures which are the two common dentures and an effective solution for damaged and missing teeth.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are detachable dentures and made for patients who are missing a few teeth. Partial dentures help in restoring a functional mouth and smile. Partial dentures are safe and made with attachments to selected teeth which are strong enough to support a partial denture and at the same time replace the missing teeth. A partial denture can be made from a combination of materials such as acrylic, cast metals, or thermoplastic resins, such as Flexite, ValplastTM, and Duroflex.

Full Dentures

Full dentures are also known as complete dentures that are fabricated when all the teeth are missing by the patient. The denture is usually made up of Acrylic and the denture teeth are composed of resin, acrylic or porcelain. With full dentures you can cover the dental arch and the roof of the mouth with artificial teeth. You can get back your smile and be able to chew food.

Types of Full Dentures

There are three different types of full dentures - conventional, immediate, and implant-supported overdentures.

A conventional full denture is made when you are missing all your teeth. If the patient still has teeth which need an extraction an immediate denture is an ideal choice. Extractions are done and immediate denture is placed the same day when the remaining teeth are removed. Immediate dentures avoid the need to be toothless which means there is no need to stay without teeth because the extraction site can be covered easily with this kind of therapy.

On the other hand, overdentures are a kind of complete denture but made over implants. Some of the benefits of overdentures over regular dentures are a more natural appearance, an additional level of stability with dental implants supporting the overdenture.

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